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  • South Bend Educational Article of the Month - How to kill a house mouse

How to kill a house mouse

How to kill a house mouse

To be honest house mice are not tough South Bend animals, they are quick, agile and reasonably intelligent for their size. But it must be also said that if you're a good shot you could kill a mouse by hitting it with your shoe, the problem is actually hitting it. The most effective method of killing a house mouse is with a snap trap, snap traps are always lethal if they hit the mouse. The other main method used to kill Indiana mice is poison baits, these can be quite effective if you use the commercially prepared baits sold in most stores because they have the proper amount of poison but you must remember to only put poison baits where small children and pets cannot get at them.

The above two would be my choices if I was going to kill mice but there are a lot of other ways. There are zapper traps, these are small traps that lure the mouse into the trap with a bait and once the South Bend mouse is in the trap the trap delivers a lethal electric shock, by all reports the shock they deliver is not always fatal, I've read things that suggests after about 5 min. the Indiana mouse miraculously came back to life. Zapper traps cost about three times what a snap does and that is not including the price of the batteries.

One type of trap I consider to be extremely inhumane is glue boards, they work by the South Bend mouse becoming stuck to the glue board which usually results in the mouse either starving to death, dying of thirst or worst of all dying of hypothermia. Another type of trap that is also inhumane is called a water trap, what it is designed to do is for the Indiana mouse to fall into the water, there is no way for the mouse to get out and the water is too deep for it to stand there so it drowns after swimming around and around for as long as it can, pretty sick I think but plans for water traps are readily available online, you have to make your own as I have never heard of a shop selling them.

I guess I should also mention cage traps as they work just as well as a snap trap, the difference being you are left with a live South Bend mouse in a trap, to kill it you would have to take the Indiana mouse out and either break its neck or hit it over the head with something quite hard, it is up to you which you use.

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