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  • South Bend Educational Article of the Month - Opossum trapping: how to trap an opossum

Opossum trapping: how to trap an opossum

Opossum trapping: how to trap an opossum

If your problem with a South Bend possum's is having one move into your house, setting traps to catch the beastie will probably not be enough. If you think you already have an opossum or two living either in your attic or in your wall cavities then trapping alone is probably not going to get the job done. So the first thing you have to actually do is to find out exactly what your situation is, do you really have an Indiana opossum resident or is one just coming and going when it feels like it. Is the opossum a female with babies or not. If it's not a female and she's not got babies then you're lucky because there is only one opossum to round up but it will most likely be a female and she will most likely have babies so you have to round up all the babies to and that could be up to thirteen.

Again if you are lucky the babies will still be very dependent on their mother so they will either be riding on her back or still staying very close to home, home for babies is mom. The most likely time for a female South Bend opossum to have babies are mobile but still dependent is late spring into summer, the later is in that time of year the more mobile the babies will be. If you decide to go the trapping route then you have to make sure you get them all as any babies missed will starve to death and if they are actually inside the house somewhere they won't do it quietly. Also a decaying body doesn't give off very pleasant odors.

Okay so you have sorted out that you have a South Bend opossum problem, the very first thing you have to do is find out if it's even legal in your state to track wildlife with or without a permit. Some states will let you buy a permit to trap an Indiana opossum but only if the trapping is done by a professional, now that is the case it's going to be expensive.

Now you have your permit and you can do-it-yourself, you have an old raccoon trap that would do the job, what are you going to use for bait. You know practically anything will do as South Bend opossums eat practically anything but you don't want to catch stray cats and you especially don't want to catch any neighborhood pets. After all my reading I have come to the conclusion that Indiana professionals like to use marshmallows to catch opossums, for some reason opossums love them.

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