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  • South Bend Educational Article of the Month - Skunk repellents

Skunk repellents

Skunk repellents

Unlike most other critters South Bend skunks are relatively easy to get rid of, to chase them away is pretty easy. The one that most people seem to recommend are electronic ones, and in this case they mean practically all of them. Flashing lights work, bright lights work, ultrasonics work and so do motion activated sprinklers, skunks don't like any of these things and if one appears to ignore any of these things call Indiana animal control because it is possibly rabid. The least dangerous of all these to every form of animal life in the area is of course the sprinklers, if an animal dies from getting hit by water from a sprinkler then it probably died of shock not from getting wet.

There are a whole bunch of liquid spray on type propellants these contain anything from simple garlic to chemical mixes the Army would be proud of. The one thing you are not allowed to use against South Bend skunks in most states is moth balls, in most states mothballs are considered pesticides and therefore illegal to use on Indiana skunks, the reason being, a skunk relies on its sense of smell and mothballs can totally destroy that forever. You should also be aware that spray on repellents wear off pretty fast and especially fast in wet weather.

The hardier solution when going for repellents are ones that are pellets, these do exactly the same jobs as the spray ons but being pellets they last longer and do not instantly wash away when it rains. One of the most effective repellents for South Bend skunks is the old predator urine, you can buy this at a lot of different stores, and virtually any type will do the trick. Stores generally sell the wild predator varieties, like coyote, fox and Wolf, all of which will definitely have the Indiana skunk going the opposite direction but if you can get it, common dog urine does the trick just as well.

The last method of repelling a skunk is of course fencing and exclusion. South Bend Skunks can climb but they are not very good climbers, the main reason they can't climb is those long digging claws just get in the way. But due to the fact that they have those digging claws any fence you build has to take into consideration that this Indiana animal can probably burrow underneath a normal fence.

Finally as always, before setting out to do anything against any wild animal find out what the local regulations and laws are, after all it's not worth being fined or locked up over an Indiana skunk.

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